Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe


Thierry Lenouvel and Gareth Jones

Festivals and the Discovery, Promotion and Distribution of Diasporic Cinema and the Script Development Initiative BABYLON

Recorded on: 13 Jan 2007

Thierry Lenouvel and Gareth Jones discuss the significant role which the film festival circuit plays for the discovery of films made by migrant and diasporic filmmakers. Having recently founded the film development initiative BABYLON, which seeks to support the work of filmmakers from Europe's minority communities, Gareth Jones and Thierry Lenouvel present the early stages of their exciting and innovative project

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Thierry Lenouvel is the founder of Ciné-Sud Promotion, a company designed to promote and produce auteur cinema particularly (but not exclusively) of non-European origin.  In association with the distribution company  Les Films de Sémaphore, Ciné-Sud distributed films by filmmakers including Pedro Almodovar, Liria Begeja, Youssef Chahine, Emir Kusturica, Philip Noyce, Piotr Kamler and Shinji Somaï. Ciné-Sud and Thierry Lenouvel participated in the organisation of the Montpellier Film Festival until 1995, and since then of the Amiens Film Festival. He has also played a leading role in the creation and management of the Script Development Fund (Fonds d'Aide au Développement du Scénario) for countries of the majority world awarded annually at the Amiens Film Festival.

Gareth Jones is a television and film director/writer/producer of thirty years' experience. A film consultant working in four languages for institutes across Europe and with his own production company Scenario Film Ltd., he teaches for the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Marubi Film School. While many of his prize-winning films focus on Jewish and Holocaust themes, his work has also been marked by multi-cultural issues. The BBC television series Shalom Salaam tells the story of adloscents coming of age in Leicester, home to the UK's largest minority population.. As producer of Albion Market (1985/86) Gareth Jones was the first to create wide casting opportunities for actors from British minority communities.

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