Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

A Fine Day (Der schöne Tag)

Thomas Arslan(2001)


Language: German and Turkish

The final part of Thomas Arslan's acclaimed Berlin trilogy (Dealer; Brothers and Sisters) centres on the kind of woman you rarely find in films: one who has absolutely no interest in conforming to stereotypes but wants to find her own way. Deniz, a 21-year-old Berliner of Turkish origin, is working as a dubbing actress on Eric Rohmer's Conte d'éte. Dissatisfied with her boyfriend Jan, she is struggling to define what love really means to her, what she can or should expect. On a luminous summer's day, Deniz is constantly on the move through the long tube station corridors, broad city streets, cafes and parks of Berlin. Outwardly dynamic and inwardly restless, her various encounters with others - her hapless boyfriend, her severely depressed mother, her pregnant, preoccupied sister, an attractive young stranger who catches her eye - help her to reflect on what she is looking for. And, back in the dubbing studio, Rohmer's film also provides some clues… (Summary from 4th German Film Festival, London, 2001) 

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